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The staff is experienced and skilled, and there is a team of registered nurses, assistants in nursing, disability care workers, and domestic care support workers.

We are incredibly pleased to work as per your requirements and are flexible with the plan requirements.

Our staff comes from various ethnic backgrounds and speak languages other than English.

Our staff need to provide a report of the work done. The support coordinator checks client satisfaction, and client feedback is collected.

As an NDIS provider, we provide various services for many clients. Our support services are personalised for your needs and provided by qualified support workers.

Our NDIS services include the following:

  • Daily Personal Activities
  • Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements
  • Household Tasks
  • Assist Life Stages Transition
  • Daily Task/Shared Living
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
  • Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
  • Group and Centre-Based Activities

Harmony Integrated Services has diligently worked with NDIS and aged care clients for the last 6 years.

The cost of services varies based on the NDIS rate structure and will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

Yes. You need to be a part of NDIS to receive our services.

Yes, as indicated by the NDIS Travel guidelines.

Yes, the nursing services allow medication administration as per the scope of the carer/ nurse.

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